Monday, August 5, 2013

My transformation

August is my birthday month, I will be turning 44 this year and after my whole journey with my Thyroid cancer I can honestly tell you; I will be more than happy to celebrate my 44 years !
I am finally coming back into my studio to make my work again, its been so long since I was able to create something and I am enjoying every minute I can spend here.
My journey through out this whole ordeal has been difficult and scare at times but I never lost my smile and positivism, yes I did have my moments but who does not have them? I had so many plans for my work and where I wanted to move on with it, so many plans.......but life made me put a stop on them until I can get better. Having to put my plans away does not mean I am not making them a reality, it just means I have more time to get ready for all of them.
This experience has transformed me in different ways, all of them positive ones, I always take the good and learn from the bad in all my experiences in life and in my work.
Now that I have more energy I am starting to draw some ideas in my journals, I love the feeling of grabbing a pencil and drawing in paper. I have two big sketch journals and love to go back to them and see my ideas since my beginnings.
Most of my work is inspired by my culture from Mexico and the beautiful folk art, this time is no difference. I love to design using the Milagro heart motifs, birds, flowers and skulls and this time I went back to look at my drawings and saw two butterflies I made 2 years ago and I knew what I needed to do. I have always love butterflies and knowing their symbolic meaning made me realized they will be the perfect reflection of my whole Thyroid cancer journey.
Butterflies represent transformation and faith, this is exactly what I had during all these months!
I am finishing my first "Mariposa" piece today, I am happy to finally be able to transmit my feelings with my work again.

©2013 Lorena Angulo


  1. happy for you - your energy's back & you're back doing what you love! and i completely understand about the connection to butterflies: i always loved them, but after suffering a personal loss, they symbolize so much more now. ♥

  2. Beautiful, just like you, Lorena:O) Butterflies are a new beginning so enjoy the ride.


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