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A wonderful weekend with Bob Ebendorf

April, 2010

Since I met Bob Eberdorf 3 years ago when he came to teach a workshop at the Southwest School of Art, I felt in love not only with his work but with him as a person. From that moment we have been in contact and he has been a great support for me and my work.

I am so thankful for all his wonderful words and for always being there for me when I need him. My family and I are particularly thankful for his support during a difficult time, he may not know this but his letter was a BIG help during the application process to obtain my permanent residency in this country. He was one of the wonderful people who helped me during this process and as soon as I ask him for help he did not hesitated to give me a hand.
Thank You Bob, you will always be in my heart !!

During these years of communication with Bob, I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists that were his students, one of them is Laura Wood. Bob let me know she was coming my way and I was more than happy to meet this wonderful lady.

Laura worked for a year at the Southwest School of Art and also she started working with another fantastic artists here in San Antonio, Alejandro Sifuentes, at his gallery. Equinox Gallery was a new beautiful place and Laura working with Alejandro was the perfect match. They have accomplished so much and have given the opportunity to so many incredible artists to display their work and have exhibitions. When Laura told me she was planning in having an exhibition for Bob I was more than happy, I could not wait to see him again and have the opportunity to see more of his work in person.

May, 2013
Finally, the moment for his exhibition arrived and I saw him again after 3 years. I organized a casual dinner in my home the day he arrived to the city. Seeing him again was wonderful and finally I was able to thank him in person for all his support.

I invited a small group of people to my home to join us, one of them I knew he will be very happy to see; my wonderful mentor and first metals teacher Claire Holliday.

Claire was Bob's student when she came to this country in the 70's and they have a beautiful connection. Claire is also a very important person in my life because she gave me my wings to start creating my work, she was a wonderful teacher and a great mentor.

Wonderful company: Bob Ebendorf,Claire Holliday, Kathleen Sommers,Alejandro Sifuentes, Laura Wood, Claudia Rush, Nancy Wood, Peggy Potts, Louise O., Tara Locklear and my dear husband Jorge.

The exhibition at Equinox Gallery was the following day of our dinner.

"Keep it in the can" was a fantastic exhibition, Bob worked making this new collection for a year and every single piece is full of detail and sentiment. Having the fortune to be able to see and touch his pieces is something I will never forget. He is a great inspiration to keep creating but also to take our time to be with family and friends and to connect with the art community.
In this beautiful event, we also surprised Bob with " The Bob Ebendrof Commemorative Pin Exhibition" featuring 75 invited artists who created a pin for Bob. I was luck to have been invited to be part of this group of artists by Equinox gallery.
This is the pin I made for Bob.

I am happy to be the owner of one of Bob's pieces finally, my dear husband gave me as a gift one of Bob's brooches and I will wear it with such pride and honor all the time. Thanks Jorge !! ♥
Keep it in the Can Brooch with White Costume Bundle
©Robert Ebendorf
Mixed Media
4" x 3" x 1/2"

My last day with Bob was during his "Brush of Creativity" workshop the following day of the exhibition. Equinox also organized this workshop in La Villita  where the gallery is located. Bob started the day with a slideshow following by a creative day making brushes from different materials and objects.
Being surrounded by so many creative people and having Bob guiding us was just the perfect day for me. I had the chance to be with friends I have not seen for a while and after having a couple of very challenging months and days after my diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer, this was just what I needed to fill my spirit with good energy and great friends.
I made some brushes and end up giving Bob one of them because he liked it and I was more than happy to give it to him. I do not have a picture of my brush because I did not have time to photograph it but I liked it a lot. It was something new for me to be able to put together a piece using a natural seed, part of a small brass brush I had in my studio and a coil I made with copper wire and red coral beads.

After this wonderful weekend full of laughter, friendship, love and art I can honestly say I am more than ready for my future surgery and recovery.
THANK YOU for this great weekend to all of the people who made this possible !!!!!

Hope I can see Bob again very soon !!

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  1. I absolutely love you work! I paint now, but my degree was with emphasis in 3D art, specifically metalsmithing, and seeing your work makes me miss it so very much. I love it all!!!! Kindest regards,
    Carolina E.


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