Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Virgin is finished

Since I was invited to be the lead artist for Dia de los Muertos: La Ofrenda at SSA, I have been painting some pieces I will display during the event. 

I am planning in having some of my pieces of jewelry, paintings, figurines and folk art inspired in the day of the dead tradition of my country Mexico. All these pieces will be made by me and it will be the first time I will show more than just my jewelry.

Painting and making folk art is something I enjoy doing a lot. I have never taken classes for painting or learn how to create the folk art but I like it to be this way much better because all my work is 100% what comes from my heart.

One piece that will be the center piece for my altar is a painting I made in a hand carved wood tray of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It took me more than 5 months to finished it, I painted almost everything but I left the face plain until today that I felt it was the right time to bring her in my painting.

Mi Virgen Morena
©2012 Lorena Angulo
Hand carved wood tray painted with acrylics.
25" x 12.5"


  1. She is clearly a labor of love. Beautiful!

  2. very beautiful Lorena, I love your style and that you do all kinds of art!

  3. Totally beautiful, and instantly recognizable as yours. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks my friend !!! ;o)
      today I went to SSA to talk about the altar and I am very excited about it !!!!! Hope you will be here at that time.


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