Wednesday, November 16, 2011

La Noche del Broche

I am honor to be part of this wonderful exhibition La Noche del Broche at Equinox Gallery in La Villita in San Antonio, Texas.
The exhibition will display 100 brooches from 86 artists. La Noche del Broche is curated by Alejandro Sifuentes and guest artists Jillian Palone, Laura Wood and Gary Schott.
The opening reception is December 2 from 6 pm to 9 pm and the exhibition will be in the gallery from December 2 to January 5.
The exhibition can also be viewed online in the Equinox Gallery Website.

"The inspiration for La Noche del Broche came from an idea of having one night to commemorate the brooch and its art form in a festive atmosphere where Spanish Music and Dancers would collaborate to create an atmosphere of Celebration !!! Models would be colorful and adorned with brooches celebrating the human spirit. This exhibition is an opportunity for artists to honor and celebrate the art form of the brooch. For this vision to be appropriately achieved, we would need a large collective of brooches each one expressing the multiplicity and individuality of the creative essence. Equinox Gallery serves as a meeting place to showcase Jewelry and Metalwork in San Antonio. Our Mission is to exhibit and educate the community by providing a platform for the diversity in the field of Metalsmithing."  
-Alejandro Sifuentes

Here is my brooch.
©2011 Lorena Angulo
Copper, Acrylic, Silver

©2011 Lorena Angulo
Copper, Acrylic, Silver

Come and visit the exhibition ,I am sure you will have a great time !

Here are the names of the artists:

Abigail Heuss  Alejandro Sifuentes  Amy Tavern  Andrew Kuebeck
Angela Bubash  Anne Fiala  Annie Pennington  Arthur Hash  Ashley Buchanan
Atsuko Taniguchi  Autumn Brown  Beverly Penn  Billie J Theide  Bob Ebendorf
Caroline Gore  Claudia Rush  Corey Ackelmire  Courtney Starrett  
Cydney Romano  Linda Kay Darty  Dejan Jovanovic  Elizabeth Crandall
Emily Marquis  Galatea Kontos  Gary Schott  George Schroeder  Hannah Stein
Jacob Martin  James Thurman  Jason Stein  Jason Polasek  Jenn Wells
Jillian Palone  Justin Klocke  Kat Cole  Kate Codsen  Kathleen Janvier
Kelly Robinson  Ken Bova  Krista Coleman-Silvers  Laritza Garcia  Laura Wood
Leia Zumbro  Lin Stanionis  Lindsay Hendricks  Lisa Johnson  Lisette Fee
Liz Steiner  Lorena Angulo  Louise Oppenheiner  Lydia Tjioe 
Lynette Andreasen  Margot Wolf  Margit Morawietz  Marissa Saneholtz
Marjorie Schick  Marlene True  Mary Hallam Pearse  Masako Onodera
Melanie Smith  Melissa Walter  Mi-Sook Hur  Michael Dale Bernard
Michael Gayk  Micheal Parrett  Nathan Dube  Nicole DesChamps-Benke
Pat Gavin  Paulette Myers  Rachel Shimpock  Renee Settle-Sterling
Robert Diaz de Leon  Robert G Jackson  Robert Longyear  Sandra Zilker
Sara Brown  Sarah Holden  Sarah Roberts  Sarah West  Shalena White
Stephanie Voegele  Sun Kim  Sung Yeoul Lee  Tara Locklear  Tim Lazure
Tina Lazzarine  Tova Lund

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