Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to my childhood hobbies

I think the first craft I learned in my life was to do embroidery when I was a child and living in the beautiful state of Chiapas in south Mexico. I still remember all the times I pinched my fingers with the needle and instead of letting this hobby go I embraced it and enjoyed it very much.
It was my happy time when I did it, I love putting color in a piece of fabric and my main inspiration was the amazing clothing by the Native Indigenous in the area. 

Visiting San Cristobal de las Casas in the weekends with my whole family was the best trip for me because the trip was great and the little town was so magical and full of art crafts made the Native Indigenous.
The women wore gorgeous dresses that they embroidered themselves.
With time and life changes I lost the habit of embroidering and I wanted to go back and start doing it and incorporating it with my jewelry. 
Today I decided I will get into this wonderful craft and I was surprised to see I still have the passion and happiness when I made it. I felt the same way I felt when I was a child, time flew very fast and I just could not stop.
I will have to keep doing it to be more prolific in the work but I am happy with what it became after I finished.

©2011 Lorena Angulo
Copper, rivets and embroidery.


  1. καλημέρα!απο Ελλάδα!!
    υπέροχο!! ξεχωριστό!!!

  2. They say we learn our best and truest lessons and crafts before we are six years old. I, too, grew up with women who did handwork and I still take great pleasure in doing it. Thanks for the inspiration for ways to incorporate it into my jewelry work.

  3. Thanks !! ♥
    Yes, it is so wonderful when you are exposed to any type of craft when you are still a little child. I will always remember this wonderful lady who taught me embroidery in Chiapas, Mexico.


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