Friday, July 15, 2011

What is in your work table or bench ?

I have to admit my studio right now is a little messy, well to be honest VERY MESSY, but it is because I have been busy making new jewelry pieces. 
My latest pieces are some earrings and a ring, they are all ready to go to the kiln !!

 Just finished this ring made with PMC3. I love to hand sculpt my work a lot and Calla Lilies are one of my favorites flowers to make.

These two neck pieces are waiting for me to finish constructing their chains made with copper wire. I always have something good to read on hand and this time is the great Metal Clay Artist Magazine's latest issue.

Some earrings I made with PMC3 are all ready to go to the kiln. The earrings with the heart design are going to be stamp after fired with some of my new tools ;o) .

What is in your bench or work table ?


  1. I love the collection of "in the works" objects. You can see just how amazing they will all end up.

  2. Wow those rings are gorgeous! And love the look of all your works in progress! Please share the end result :)

  3. Thank You !!! ;o)
    I will post a picture of my finished pieces tomorrow!!!


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