Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making a Hollow ring Workshop at Southwest School of Art

This weekend was very active and fun for me, I had my PMC Hollow Ring Workshop at SSAMy group of students was incredible, they all did such a great job and I was happy to see them with their finished rings.
I am so proud of all of them, some of my students had never played with metal clay before and they managed to stay on task and finished their piece.

Thanks to all of you; Tammy Barr, Terrie Bodine, Deborah Bowen, Holley Bowen, Cynthia Brown, Rosie Johnson, Sally Marrs, Janet PLante, Kirsten Smith and Rebecca Terrazas (we missed you on Sunday Rebecca!)

Here you can see some of their pieces !! 

We had some challenges but we all managed to solve the problems and had a good time!


Lorena Angulo


  1. wow, that's pretty great work!

  2. They did a great Job, Sandra !!
    Very proud of all of them !


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