Monday, July 26, 2010

Problem solving

Two months ago I had a wonderful opportunity to take a class with Hadar Jacobson. I admire her work and the way she mixes the different types of metal clays.

During our class I made a set of earrings combining copper and silver clay but when I fired them I noticed they were to heavy to wear as earrings. I even wore them to see if I will be able to use them as earrings before thinking in doing something different with them. 

Sadly for me, they were very heavy, then I took this opportunity to think about how will I transform them into a different piece of jewelry.

After a month of not thinking about them , one day I just took them out of my box and I made two necklaces with them.

I am happy with the outcome.


  1. I love the out come, this piece is stunning and the pearls go so well with it, I really like how you used copper (or is it brass?) wire to off set them color wise, it complements the different metals.

  2. Thank You , Liz ! ;-)
    It is brass wire.

  3. just beautiful, i love all the components you used. i love pearls with silver!

  4. Me...your newest fan!!!! I just signed up for your class at SW School of Arts and Crafts.
    I am so excited. I love your work. You are such an inspiration!

  5. Thank You !!

    Rebecca: Thanks !! I will be happy to meet you in my class.


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