Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adorn Me! 2010 Houston.

A few months ago I found out about an art retreat that was going to take place in Houston, Texas.
I was very happy to know that I will have the opportunity to finally meet and take classes with three artists that I admired their work a lot.

Adorn Me! was organized by Phoenix Rising Productions and I have to say they are the best.
The teachers come from various states and are the best in their field.
I signed up with three incredible artists to take classes.

Richard Salley was my first teacher and his class was incredible. The class was "Caught in a trap" and it was very fun.
I have been a big fan of his work and meeting him was an honor.
During his class I did fold forming for the first time and created three pieces.

My second teacher was Thomas Mann and his class was a two day workshop. His class was "The found object sandwich."
The class was intense and he was very patience and nice with all of us. He shared tips in a lot of techniques.
I have admired his work for a long time, I ADORE to create hearts and that was somethings that caught my attention about his work. It was a pleasure to be in his class.

The crown is glow in the dark acrylic ! I LOVE IT !!!!

My third teacher was Keith Lo Bue. He is the most creative and fun teacher ever. He was very nice and shared a lot of his knowledge. His class was "Back on the chain gang."
We worked with steel wire and created links to be able to make a chains or a bracelet. It was intense, we used heavy duty tools !! ;-). It was very fun .

During Adorn Me! we had a night for vendors and I was invited to show and sell my work there. I had an incredible time and met a lot of wonderful people. Susan Dilger was a big help for me and I will always thank her.

I am ready for Adorn Me! 2011 and maybe next time I may be teaching metal clay.
I will post more information and hope to see you there next year!!!


  1. the set at the top is really gorgeous lorena! i had a total FAIL with bronz clay this weekend, lol

  2. OMG That Thomas Mann pendant ROCKS! I want it sooo bad. ; (
    What a great time you must have had. I'm very jealous. Might have to go next year!

  3. Beautiful! The heart face looks like you. Did you draw/paint it? You must be a teacher's dream student, always producing masterpieces.

  4. Jeanette:
    Thank You !! ;-)
    What happen with bronze clay??? Did not sinter?

  5. Thank You Vickie and Lora !!! ;-)

    Vickie: I did not pain the face, I felt in LOVE with her when I saw her in a magazine. I totally forgot to bring my own images and attachments to Houston so I run to Michael's and found this magazine "Art Doll." I have to look for the artist name.

  6. Lorena, that heart from Thomas Mann's workshop is awesome! I just showed it to my mom and she is in love too. Btw, you look gorgeous in that photo. Also, I just added a link to you blog from mine, don't know why I hadn't done that before.

  7. You made such beautiful work! I love it all, sounds like the classes were great. You look so pretty.

  8. Sounds like an awesome retreat, & your pieces are gorgeous! :)

  9. Lorena, I enjoyed so much reading your post! I 'm very happy for you and the opportunity you had to take these classes! The pieces you 've made are spectacular!

  10. HI Lore, your pieces turned out so beautifully. I love what you did in our Thomas Mann class, just gorgeous! And the pieces from Richard's class are awesome! Way to go Lorena. I love hearts too, can't get enough of them. Take care, Riki

  11. Yes, you should be! I cannot wait either for the next retreat in 2011. But, until then I am busy...
    I will be posting our class pictures soon, and I have some GREAT ones!
    I love how your FOS turned out~beautiful!
    And your Caught in a Trap pieces are so you and simply gorgeous!
    I took two of Keith's classes, and was not disappointed. He is a doll isn't he?

  12. Hola Diane !!! ;-)
    Thank You !
    Happy to see you here !! I will be there next year if not teaching, I will be taking classes for sure!

  13. Congrats on your beautiful work, Lorena - it was terrific meting you and getting to talk a bit over a meal. I'll be seeing you again, I have no doubt!

  14. Hola Keith !
    Thank You! I loved meeting you and talking a little more over a meal. ;-)
    I will love to see you again and have another class with you.
    Have a safe trip back home!

  15. I love everything you made too Lorena! What fun you had!



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