Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little about my life.

This picture means a lot to me ! I took it for a challenge I got myself into this year to make one ring a day for the whole year.

Why is this photo so important to me, you may ask.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 last year at the end of May. For me to find out about this was devastating because I am young and have two small children.

Although I knew I will have a big possibility to have diabetes because it runs in my family, I did not pay attention to it and just let go of myself. I gained a lot of weight since I have my first kid and did not loose it. Being overweight triggered my illness and made it present in my life sooner.

I will never forget the day my doctor told me, "You have diabetes and I will explain to you what can happen to you if you do not control it."

He was very REAL and I knew he was not making the problem bigger because I have seen what diabetes can do to you and your family. A dear uncle die last year of this illness and it was very sad.

I was scared and cried with my husband a lot !!! But the second day I got my plan together and started to take control of my life and my health. I knew what I have to do and I was positive I will control my diabetes by eating healthy and taking my medication.

Medication is not the only answer, what we eat plays a crucial role in our control. It will not matter how much medication you take if you are not eating healthy and exercise.

Since then I have lost almost 40 pounds and let me tell you, I am eating very good !!!

There are some days, like today, that my sugar is not normal but everything can get out of control just because you may be getting a cold or having stress.

I know I am doing a great job but days like today make me feel a little sad because I remember again that I am living with Diabetes and it will never go away. I will control it but I will live with it forever.

I am fortunate to have the big support of my husband and kids, they are my big motivations and I will live healthy for them and me.

You may be thinking why am I writing about this in my blog and the answers is this:
I am writing this in my blog because I want to share my experience and inform you about this silent illness.

Take care and all my love for you all !!


  1. Thanks for sharing and good for you for taking control of it! :)

  2. Lorena, it is soo sweet of you to talk about this. And although we are many many miles apart (I am in Scotland), I feel for you and I wanted to tell you this : My mother-in-law has just turned 83 years old, she has been diabetic since she was in her late thirties and she has so far had the most wonderful life.

    You can do that too !!!!

    Big huggs from far away Scotland

  3. Thank You Lou and Chris !! ;-}

    Chris: Thank you for talling me about your mother-in-law, it is a big motivation for me to keep on going.


  4. Lorena, kudos to you for bringing out such a personal issue....and so very important, as diabetes can be such a subtle, silent illness....
    It runs in my family too, and I have been pretty lucky ( so far so good), yet I also am completely with granny also lived a very loooong and happy life!....she just was vigilant about what she needed to do to keep it in check....

    as for stress management, she became a jazz singer when she was 75, just because she always wanted too and said it relaxed her! :)

    ox Kerin

  5. I only saw this post on your blog, today. I want to say to you that my husban discovered he has diabetes II two years ago and now, that he is 49 years old, he is doing allright with his medication and the changing of what he is eating. When he discovered the diabetes, his values were 360 and today they are 140/160. When he has more, it means he is under great stress or overworking.
    Sorry, for my english but I am portuguese and I don´t speak or write very offen.

    All the best for you and thanks for your beautiful art

  6. Thank You Maria ! I am happy to know your husband is doing great. Your English is perfect !! I also do not speak or write English very good since my first language is Spanish. I think your writing is really good. Thanks for posting a comment in my blog and happy to meet you!


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