Friday, January 15, 2010

Artists united for HAITI.

As we all know, the beautiful people from Haiti is suffering a lot after the terrible earthquake.
This country is one of the poorest countries in this continent but despite their living conditions the Haitians are people who live life to the fullest. They are happy people and know they are suffering and need our help.
A wonderful group of artist by the hand of
Thomasin Durgin is organizing a Haiti Ring Auction. Each artist, me included, is going to donate a handcrafted ring to this auction and the money collected will be donated to a charity that is helping Haiti.
The auction will take place on Ebay and as soon as I have more information about this I will post it in my blog.
Please, if you want to help this is a great opportunity to do it. You will give a hand to Haiti by buying one of the rings in the auction.
If you want to be informed about this event please send me an email,, and I will let you know when the auction will be active on Ebay.
Check my blog for future information.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Love, Lorena


  1. hola Lorena!....thanks for stopping by my blog!...I am participating in Tomi's auction so happy to see you and your vibrant new work!

  2. Thank You Kerin !!! ;-]
    I saw your awesome ring! I knew it was yours before I saw the name.


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