Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally my "Reina" came alive!!

I had an idea about making a mask representing the beautiful "Coconut masks" from Mexico.
When I started the design process I did not have the right image about what I wanted to do.

The drawings in the clay came in the moment I saw the mask shape, I draw the face and she
came to life in my head.

I was so happy with the final image of my mask and send her to the kiln, by now I knew I had to use coconut charcoal and fired it at 1700 and hold for three hours.
Sadly for me, all my other pieces sintered but not my mask. I was very careful to take her out
of the charcoal but I lost two flowers in the process. I fixed the flowers in a different way and
decided to put her back again to the kiln.
She came out of the kiln without being sintered again!!!! This time she lost the eyebrows and I was not going to give up on her.
I decided to live her alone for a while and try again on a later time.
Yesterday I was going to do my third copprclay firing of the day when I saw her in my shelf, I knew this was the time for her to go back again in the kiln, if this time did not work I knew it will be over for her.

This time she sintered but she had some scars on the back, it is like all her struggles show up at the end but if you see her on the front, she still has her bright personality and I will wear her with a lot of pride!


  1. Oh my gosh - she is LOVELY!! Great job!

  2. She's wonderful, Lorena! You SHOULD be proud of her! :)

  3. She's just lovely Lorena. And with her four flower headband, reminds me of Frida. Frida had many physical issues to deal with too. Was broken over and over and still managed to present a lovely and graceful front. Just like your coconut girl.


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